Astro Vastu

Vastu is a ancient science and an allied subject of Astrology and Remedial part of it.Whch helps us to live in harmony with nature. It converts living spaces in a particular order that sets an equation between cosmic energies to ensure good health, prosperity & spiritual inclination. Astro-vastu is applied as individual to individual basis.

One's horoscope is a directional map of Zodiac at the time of birth and every direction hasdifferent results on different persons.

Signification of 12 houses and 9 planets in birth chart and their directions are close related to Astro-vastu.

Present Practitioners of Vastu work as per fixed rules of Vastu Shatra for different matters such as residence, official building face,sitting arrangements and directions, et. Fixed roles of Vastu cannot provide good results.

Want to improve your personal and professional life as per Astro-Vastu norms, contact us with details of your office/home premises.

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