www.JyotishaRemedies.com ensures complete confidentiality of the customerís identity, details and the prediction information will only be used to communicate to the customer or will be retained in the database for referencing purposed if need to consult in the future. An astrological consultation is just an opinion of the astrologer, based on data provided by the Though all the predictions / consultations provided after through analysis based on systems approach (The Vedic System of experience of the astrologer in the astrology. The same should not be used as a substitute to an advice of a licensed professional medical / psychiatric treatment, study, a curriculum, profession of life style. The predictions, opinions and remedial measures astrologers on one horoscope may be differ as per their knowledge on astrology. www.JyotishaRemedies.com does not claim predictions / consultation made by its astrologers shall be perfectly correct. www.JyotishaRemedies.com stands no warranties a liable to be held responsible for any prediction, opinion and remedies suggested and its viability.



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